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Unlimited tanning

Get unlimited tanning without a stoppage in service. We securely keep a credit card on file within our POS system. Every month there will be a EFT draft from your account for the monthly fee of your package choice.

Package options

Prices per month:

- Regular - $18.88

- Super - $38.88

- Ultimate - $68.88

- Magnum - $98.88

- VIP - $99.88 (includes Beauty Angel and VersaPro)

"Clean beds and facility. Educated staff that is really friendly and helpful. They change lamps frequently. I love this place!"


                                                 - Parkscan

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EZ Pay and our package options.


Save BIG!

Get 20% OFF all of our tanning lotions. Furthermore, ask us about exclusive half-price upgrades. Our membership options come with alternate payment options and can be frozen when not in use.

Unlimited Tanning at Unbeatable Prices

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